MineConnectSweepFour is an a mixture with Connect4 with Minesweeper for hardcore gamers developed by Samize
MineConnectSweepFour has been developed by Samize
A combination between two of the most popular board games ever made - MineSweeper and Connect4. The objective of the game is to connect four of your discs together to win the game. Some cells have explosive mines. You can't see the mines but the discs will display how many mines are around them. If a disc is placed on a cell with a mine, the disc will explode but the game doesn't end. The cells in the bottom row are always free of mines.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

the computer is smart as hell lol
Holy shit im flipping out. How much harder can this get!!!!!!!!!???!?!?!
LoL It's a Cool game
HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE BOMBS ARE?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IAM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why the hell the computer dont explode but always me :?:
Simple yet very very addictive. I could play this game for hours without getting bored.
Damn i went upto 7 and only realized that i can submit it after every match when i lost 2 points.. O: i lose in silly ways.. damn.. i:
very addictive tho f@#$K that computer man