Turn all the board tiles to gold by matching game pieces. A fun matching game with powerups and a lot of levels.
The aim of the game is to clear the blobs by drawing paths connecting three or more of the same colour,or set off a bomb for even greater carnage. Be sure to...
Clear up the board and save the world from the ghosts. The game features powerups and an addictive gameplay.
The objective is to create chains of spheres of the same color. Create longer chains and unlock color blasts to send your score soaring!
Search for Montezuma's treasure by matching tiles of the same color. A fun and addictive tile matching game with upgrades and a lot of levels to be played.
Explore the frigid ruins of Magnesium Gardens, destroying monstrous plants with an array of mysterious alchemical substances.
Create chain reactions of chaotic atoms and solve some of the world's greatest problems like the oil crisis or bad breath caused by beer.
Clear out all the colorful blocks keeping a fragment from reaching the bottom of the play screen in order to collect it; once you've pocketed all of the tali...
How many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets?
Prevent the colorful marbles to reach the exit hole by shooting them down. An addictive game insired from the classical Zuma game.
Welcome to the Pudding Party you sweet little thing! Grab your mouse and let's eat some pudding!