Longcat Journey, a puzzle-based platformer with cats
Developed by Zakhar Kharchenko & Daniel Naletov
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Can you help Long Cat reach the ladder? A cute puzzle-based platformer where you have to guide our funny looking cat to the exit area by solving different puzzles. Each time Long Cat eats a fish, it grows longer. In order to reach some platforms you'll have to be long enough so try to catch all the fish.

user reviews & player tips

I havn't even played this game yet but I give it 10/10 already because of the cute kitten cover
DaAweSomeFreakz's profile page
Cute puzzle game along with the long cat. I liked the game base-platform where the more the cat eats the longer he gets. Though it was a great "Longcat Journey".
LEG1ON's profile page
nyaaaa~ its so cute
Ketchum's profile page
this game is fun then its not fun.
seansgirl1234's profile page
Cutest game ever!
eufora's profile page
cute game , and very easy to play :)
Anonymousx's profile page
this is like the cutest game ever
PeytonHunter's profile page
Liked + Commented + Added to favourites (NOTE - BEFORE EVEN PLAYING IT) xD
TOMOYOOGAZAKI's profile page
i want plsy there
judydomingo150's profile page
Cutest game tht I've ever played
TOMOYOOGAZAKI's profile page
the cat is cute <3 and the game is a okay
sarraklj's profile page
Simple and addictive game ... Nice :)
ThePG1's profile page
so adorable best game ever
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