Longcat Journey, a puzzle-based platformer with cats
Developed by Zakhar Kharchenko & Daniel Naletov
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Can you help Long Cat reach the ladder? A cute puzzle-based platformer where you have to guide our funny looking cat to the exit area by solving different puzzles. Each time Long Cat eats a fish, it grows longer. In order to reach some platforms you'll have to be long enough so try to catch all the fish.

user reviews & player tips

I havn't even played this game yet but I give it 10/10 already because of the cute kitten cover
DaAweSomeFreakz's profile page
Cute puzzle game along with the long cat. I liked the game base-platform where the more the cat eats the longer he gets. Though it was a great "Longcat Journey".
LEG1ON's profile page
nyaaaa~ its so cute
Ketchum's profile page
Cutest game ever!
eufora's profile page
cute game , and very easy to play :)
Anonymousx's profile page
this is like the cutest game ever
peytonhunter's profile page
this game is fun then its not fun.
seansgirl1234's profile page
the cat is cute <3 and the game is a okay
sarraklj's profile page
Simple and addictive game ... Nice :)
ThePG1's profile page
so adorable best game ever
DanikaJenny123's profile page
Failynn's profile page
Cutest game tht I've ever played
FlynnRider's profile page
its so frikin cute me and my friends played it all night long
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