Castle Lite, a tetris like castle builder game
Developed by Snails Animation
game rating
Our King lost his castle and it's up to you to build him a new one. Use your mouse to pick the right piece and pull it into the given boxes within the time limit. Before starting each level make sure to purchase all the stuff that is required to handle those pesky knights and birds.

user reviews & player tips

:Awesome game and too addictive
MadSaveges1000's profile page
This game is way too addictive! I spent almost on hour playing it. The levels are pretty damn challenging but who does't like a good challenge, huh? :P
cartman's profile page
really fun game and so addictive and what great about it is that its not to hard and not to easy and thats what I love about it
camcarzy8741's profile page
Ya know, Its an honor to be the first to comment on this game. It was pretty cool and I liked it, I'm not exactly sure I'd recommend it but I definitely found it fun
herooftheworlds's profile page
screw this game, I hate it! >:(
kickstartgaming's profile page