Stop the Bus, a solitaire type of game
Developed by Crystal Squid
game rating
The aim is to score as close at 31 with 3 cards of a SINGLE SUIT, then stop the bus. Aces scores 11 and all picture cards score 10. You can also make 3 of a kind for 30 points. Be warned, whoever comes last loses a token!

user reviews & player tips

If you like cards game you'll definitely love this one.
cacaman's profile page
i dont like card games but after playing it multiple times i love it
ex member account
Once you play this game you're hooked on it
Profiler_TinyOreo's profile page
don't play this game its cheats truss me it does even on easy! >:(
ex member account
difficult game
NaruBoy's profile page
i love this game !
BourbonRose's profile page
I like this one, but only bronze T_T need to target the gold..!!
RockMyDude's profile page
It's addicting, but boy am I bad at it.
savvypirate's profile page
it fine could be better
siren77's profile page
:D yay great funnn
pancakefluffer's profile page
The computer cheated.... I totally won and they had to stop the bus. ;_;
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It took me a little bit to get the feel of the game.
Jenk's profile page
It wont load for some reason today .. this is a bummer :/
BetaCappa's profile page
tHis game is Awsome,,, only ginius will agree with me,,,,
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