Fire Captain Crash as far as you can! Buy upgrades, new wardrobe items and get on the worldwide leaderboards in this addictive launch game!
Welcome to World War 2 cadet! Today's mission is to blow the enemies to smithereens! Try to earn as many stars as possible in the process. Use the awesome ca...
Collect gems as you launch yourself from one cannon to the next through 27 levels of blasting fun.
Use your cannon to pop the red balloons before they leave the screen. Use your mouse to adjust and fire your cannon.
Fill the basket with rabbits. Match two bunnies of a different color and they will multiply. Click and drag the red arrows to move the cannon. Have fun!
Our yellow ducklings are hungry and waiting for you to feed them. Use the cannon to feed them. Do not feed the red ducks.
Become a Flakmeister by sowing death among the enemy planes. Don't let the enemy destroy your city.