Tetrishapes, a board game inspired from the popular flash game, Picma
Developed by GamesOnly
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Find the hidden tetris shapes hidden in the grid using the hints. The numbers on the rows and columns indicate the number of spots in that row or column. Click on a spot to change it.

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Such a brain teasing game! Love it, but at times I wish there was a walk through -_- At least it keeps your brain active..
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Challenging when you get into the higher rounds, but really fun
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really nice game
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I think this is a Great Game! Really gets you thinking.
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the only way to know if you got the shape right is when it turns from light brown to sliver
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starts game, easy, plays more. OMG its hard
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Not the best game but it's ok :3 Add me!
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what a waste of time.......
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it starts to become easy when you know what to do but still insane
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Hurts my brain to think. O.0
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first!!!!!!!~ :D
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