Communicate with the dead and ask them questions. Be careful as they are easily offended and you could end up on the other side.
Challenge a friend or play against the pc in a classic chess game. See who is the winner.
Play the popular board game 9 Men's Morris against a friend or the computer and stimulate your brain a little bit.
Beat your opponents in a card game where you must match cards by color and number to get rid of them.
Move the tiles on the board in the correct order to guide the line from the blue box to the green box.
Match the tiles with the same number of dots and try to get rid of all the tiles first.
Match colorful tiles of the same color and make epic combos to level up! A fun yet very challenging game with delightful game-play.
Turn all the board tiles to gold by matching game pieces. A fun matching game with powerups and a lot of levels.
A 2-players board game based on the classic title 'Battleship' game. Place your ships across the board and let the game begin!
The stylish version of the classic checkers game. Challenge a friend or play against the pc, your choice.
Choose a set of 10 letters and create as many words as you can within 90 seconds. Each word you create will increase your time limit. The longer the words th...
Clear up the board and save the world from the ghosts. The game features powerups and an addictive gameplay.
Let's get this match started! Play against the computer or a friend in a foosball match! Score as many goals as possible to beat your opponent.
Cover the board in blocks having the number 5. Place three blocks with the same number and color and merge them horizontally or vertically.
There is nothing better than playing the classic solitaire game. Can you beat the game?
Zilch is a game of dice and skill, knowing when to take the points and when to take the chance.
The humans are dead is an actual board game where players have to make meaningful decisions in order to beat their opponents. Players can produce and find re...
Puzzle-based board game similar with Sodoku. Manipulate the numbers in the grid so their sum matches the numbers in the box.
Micrics are new weapons agains viruses. Use different kinds of mirics to crush the viruses using as few moves as possible.
Match the tiles in a colorful game of mahjong. The game features lots of levels. Have fun!
Slide blocks from the board into the correct position in order to guide the ball into the hole.
Play a game of backgammon against a friend or the computer. Place your checkers across the board and throw the dice!
Get the balls into the blue circles by tilting the game board.
Match titles on the board to remove them. A title can be removed only if it isn't blocked by other titles from its right, left or above. The quicker you matc...
Solve the puzzles and find out whats the secret content of this mysterious box. The game features over 30 challenging levels.
Clear up the board from the colorful jellies and call it a day! Match at least 3 jellies of the same color to remove them from the board.
A fun strategy board game of chess with a unique set of rules. Loose all pieces to win a match.
Search for Montezuma's treasure by matching tiles of the same color. A fun and addictive tile matching game with upgrades and a lot of levels to be played.