Whack Your Boss, a funny and bloody point and click
Developed by Tom Winkler
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Did you ever wanted to whack your boss? Now you have the chance, at least virtually :P There are 17 ways to whack your boss, do you have the patience to find them all?

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Omggggg i remember this game and finally they post it up!! C:
irina's profile page
This game is a reason why bosses act so nice now ^.^
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:O I remember this game! It is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to play it all the time. I used to love to kill my boss with the umbrella :o
Airythne's profile page
haha im madly in love with this game!!!!!!!!!!!!
cutieangel11's profile page
man i love this game who else got all 17 ways to whack him
Jakekelting's profile page
l love this game...
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I only found 16 things to whack him. ://
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best game ever, in my opinion :)
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when i grow up ill do this to my boss :P lol
Kryton's profile page
I wish that when I do this to my boss all the people will run instead of helping him lol
moterthemomo's profile page
I finally did it! the last onewas the coat hook!!! :D
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yey, a game about killing someone u hate :3
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Haha the ending just made my day lol:)
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