Slendytubbies: Dipsy's Workshop

Slendytubbies: Dipsy's Workshop is an bloody hack and slash game developed by Sean Toman
Slendytubbies: Dipsy's Workshop has been developed by Sean Toman
Slendytubbies is back! Slash and dash your way through hordes of innocent tubbies to get high scores! New abilities will become available as you slice the tubbies. Watch out for the custards or they might hurt you! The game features two different game mods. Pick the one you like and start killing some tubbies.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

this relates to fruit ninja
Way, nice game )))
The highest i got was 17350, very similar to fruit ninja.
based on fruit ninja
we don't have to find custards this time!
im recore is 30000
Love it. A MUCH more better version of Fruit Ninja!!! <3
I wonder why the game does it not work for my Chromebook.
that's similar to Fruit Ninga,i was waiting for another free world.. 2/5
I WASTED MY TIME WAITING FOR THS TO LOAD AND THIS IS WHAT I GOT? wanna warn u guys dont waste ur time in this game .-. and how is this rated teen? this is for kids and toddlers -.-
its kinda boring
well....it's kinda boring :/...similiar to Fruit Ninja :D