Flippin' Dead, a bloody arcade game featuring zombies and cute graphics
Developed by Juicy Beast
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Fun arcade game featuring monsters, zombies, awesome power-ups and lots of blood. Guide your cool looking Teddy Bear into victory. Use X to open the crates for goodies.

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great game and funny as well plus im the 6th person to comment on :)
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ohhh new game!! oh lala
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duuude its so flippin awesome! by the way like if you agree;)
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CoooooooooooL :3
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love this game!! ^_^
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I love this game! I'll never stop till I reach the top 3 ranks!
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i think this game is AWESOMEEEE!!!
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Looks fun but wont let me play :(
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thats like a boss!
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like if this game is hard
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lol this game is moronic!!
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Love this game but am I the only one that has a problem with the score registering on the site after playing?
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wow this game is awesome
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