Kill zombies, collect supplies and find survivors to gain experience. Buy weapons and perks that will help you complete your missions.
Help our heroine fight off the monsters and defeat the source of evil - the devil himself!
Looks like you`ve been captured and put in for a test run at the CKC (creative kill chamber). It`s the way the general tests his future soldiers. Escape the ...
Use the mouse to fling the ragdoll character and other loose objects around. The more damage you cause, the more you will score.
The deadly piranha is back and hungrier than ever! Catch humans and eat them to get upgrades for your barbaric army of piranhas.
Help our funny looking zombie to get back to the Zombieland while he's still alive. Run, jump and duck while running from the evil humans. Try to collect as ...
An 3D survival horror game with zombies, awesome weapons and lots of blood. Grab your swords and guns and head in the woods for some victims. Just another or...
Dodge infinite waves of incoming traffic in this hardcore arcade game. You control 8 different characters, each one with it's own key so get ready for some f...
Dodge, dash and slash through your enemies using your trustworthy katana. Put your skills to test and defeat all your opponents! Click enemies multiple times...
Play as a bad-ass alien who crushed-landed on some unknown planet and looking for someone to blow off steam.
Great point and click game with smooth gameplay and graphics. Your task is to take a role of a straw hat samurai and hack and slash your way through the lands.
Defeat the evil that has brought destruction to your kingdom. Killing enemies will get you weapons and HP power-ups to help you on your quest!
Help Greg the Immortal get his powers back in this great hack and slash game!
Use mouse to fire and try to kill all enemies in every level.
Bunny Invasion returns for an Easter Special. The game features 11 new bunny types, 3 new bosses, 16 new weapons, 27 new unlockable extras, a new location, a...
Super Karoshi is an suicide-themed platform-puzzler made by Jesse Venbrux. The mission of Super Karoshi is simple: Find a way to kill yourself!
The town has been overrun by the living dead. Use your shotgun to fight your way to safety.
Run through the dungeons, grab or change weapons and blast away the zombies!
Intense bloody action shooter game featuring awesome weapons and insane powerups all the way! Have you got what it takes to master extreme mode?
Run over as many zombies as possible without loosing controls over the cars. Cause more damage for higher scores!
The Straw Hat Samurai is back with new moves, air-combos, new enemies, new bosses... and more slashing and blood!
Use your ingenuity and the environment around you to do yourself in. You have only five minutes so be quick.
Claw and chomp your way from the Arctic Shore to the streets of New York exacting revenge upon those who have pillaged your once-peaceful frozen wonderland.
Be a part of the new season of Pain Tiger Show! Your goal is to hurt yourself as much as possible.
A fun skill-based platformer with ninjas. Watch out for those spikes...unless you are immortal!
Your friends are dead...And so you alone must defeat the darkness. To advance, clear the area of all enemies.
One man alone against the raving hordes of zombies. They come crawling, running and jumping, all you have got to do is load your shotgun and blast them to pi...
Select your hero, customize his weapons and upgrade his explosive arsenal. Create combo kills, unlock achievements and acquire new bonus materials.