Move here Move there, a puzzle based board game with blocks
Developed by Crescentyr
game rating
The objective of this puzzle game is to move from the blue box to the green box by using all other boxes. The number in the box shows how many tiles you will move while the arrows indicates the movement direction. Arrange the blocks on the board and hit the PLAY button to start moving.

user reviews & player tips

This game is really confusing.
Bands4Life1's profile page
10/10 will not play again :') Never felt so in rage from playing a game. It aint hard. Its just very boring...
MrBappoMontana's profile page
Meh gets boring fast, play something else like zombobusters, the last door, anything lmao :D
Lucif3r's profile page
rullo is more better than this!!!
Mys4's profile page