Move the tiles on the board in the correct order to guide the line from the blue box to the green box.
Match the tiles with the same number of dots and try to get rid of all the tiles first.
Guide our hero around the board through a combination of destroying block groups and rotating the entire play area! You can lead him into battle against foul...
Matching game with some uniques twists. Badges and highscores available.
Destroy the colored blocks by combining bars in this incredibly addictive puzzle game.
Cover the board in blocks having the number 5. Place three blocks with the same number and color and merge them horizontally or vertically.
Just Cut, Cut !!!Cut the ores to melt down, then your factory will have enough energy.
Challenging tetris like flash game where you compete against the computer. Use your skills to earn more points than him and win the game.
Ninja Block to the rescue! A fun yet challenging physics-based platformer where you must kill your enemies using yourself as a weapon.
Defeat your opponent by capturing as many blocks as possible in this casual turn-based strategy game. Capture all blocks!
Destroy all the bricks with style and clear up the screen! The game features awesome soundtracks and colorful graphics.
Guide your Knight to each level's exit by drilling away the blocks he stands on, and letting gravity take effect! Collect enough currency, and you can buy po...
Slide blocks from the board into the correct position in order to guide the ball into the hole.
The objective in this funny physics based game is to knock down the troll face from the screen. Use different types of ball heroes to do it. Each hero has hi...
Demologic is a physics based game where the player controls an wrecking ball and his task is to hit the blocks so the the red statuette will end on top of th...
Remove all the red cubes off the screen. You can split the color cube into smaller - 4 cubes. Remember - the number splits is limited. Less splits - the more...
A block-matching based fighting game that will keep you entertained for quite some time. Choose your favorite hero and enter the tournament. Each hero has an...
A fun puzzle-based casual game to cure your boredom. Guide the black box to the exit area by using the surroundings to navigate.
A fun minining-themed match game with addictive gameplay and colorful graphics.
Get rid of the nosy archeologists by smashing into them. Control the guardian with the arrow keys.
Your objective in this great puzzle-skill game is to get rid of the red boxes.
Deliver blocks to identically-colored locks to clear up space and pass through to the next level.
Use different shapes to create super stacks and make sure it holds.
The objective is to connect all the nozzles of all Power Cells and Chromas (these little blocky dudes). Use mouse to move them!
Use your skills to fill-up the gray4 margin-sides-10 grid with pentominoes. Pentominoes are objects made up of 5 equal size squares joined together along their sides. Use yo...
Let your imagination go wild in this wonderful block building game. Create your favorite objects using different types of blocks. Before placing each block o...
A cute turn-based matching game recommended for kids. Help our farmer rescue his precious lamb from the Dragon.
Embark in an wanderful adventure fighting monsters and searching for treasures and fame.