Move the tiles on the board in the correct order to guide the line from the blue box to the green box.
Cover the board in blocks having the number 5. Place three blocks with the same number and color and merge them horizontally or vertically.
Match the tiles with the same number of dots and try to get rid of all the tiles first.
Slide blocks from the board into the correct position in order to guide the ball into the hole.
Don't let the snake loose it's tail while navigating through the maze.
Destroy all the bricks with style and clear up the screen! The game features awesome soundtracks and colorful graphics.
Use different shapes to create super stacks and make sure it holds.
A fun minining-themed match game with addictive gameplay and colorful graphics.
Complete each level by removing the orange shapes and keeping green ones on the screen!
Use different blocks wisely in order to fill in the grid. Travel across ancient civilizations and rebuild their structures.
Remove all the purple blocks from the screen but keep the rest of the blocks or you'll have to repeat the level.