MegaBolder Rampage

MegaBolder Rampage is an challenging collect/avoid flash games with awesome dubstep soundtracks developed by Daniel Sun
MegaBolder Rampage has been developed by Daniel Sun, Stephen Nesson & Fantomenk
Dodge waves of stones and rocks while collecting as many coins as possible. Visit the shop to purchase upgrades. The game features awesome dubstep soundtrack.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

I love it :) really fun to shout at your computer "NOO!!!" x)
I enjoy the music of this game. ^^
i think this game awesome!
Fuuuun. c: Also easy gold medal.
maybe the game is awsome
and i think it funny games
This game is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!..............now its time to pwn........or not :(
Wow! Talk about a boring game... The only reason I played was for the points.
So beautiful game