Explore dark catacombs in search of hidden treasures but be careful not to fall prey to the living dead.
Have you ever wondered what's on a game programmer's mind?
Can you make it to the Fountain of Youth and save your father's life?
Welcome to Half Monn Island, an island of wholesome cats. Explore the island and find a way to find the Life cats who went missing in the great cat war.
An unsuccessful experiment, a lot of inanimate bodies and a monster thirsty for blood ... did we stirred your curiosity?
Are you sure you overcame the fear of darkness?
Darkness swarms around his words. You cannot see him, or remember him. You cannot even remember...Who am I?
You wake up when the carriage pulls to a stop, for months now you felt a certain yearning towards The House of the Living...and now you are here.
A short pixel adventure game inspired from the popular horror movie `Halloween` by John Carpenter.
An old house, a toy and a dark mystery. Heard enough?
After a decade of hidding you must return home, to Lumbermoor, to repent for your family's super natural crimes against the town.
Play as Matthias Holloway, a young man hunted by nightmares and terrifying flashbacks and time loops. Will you be able to unravel the mystery behind these ev...
Discover the mystery behind Mrs. Clint's alleged suicide. Suicide, a cold blodded murder or something even worse?
Horror themed story-driven adventure game with psychological horror elements.
The sequel of the famous story-driven horror rpg game, Fear Society by ZeroDigitZ.
A fun yet very short thriller rpg-game where you play as a kid who is trapped inside a room by a psychopath.
A few good scares can't get in the way of true love, right?
Experience a night of terror inside the Acrylic Academy. Will you survive? Warning, the game has a lot of jump-scare moments!
Help Kate escape from a Jacob Miller, a criminal convicted for the death of his fiancee and her room mate.
A deadly illness threatens to separate you from your sister Anna and you are the only one who can prevent that from happening.
A romantic walk through the forest turned into a terrifying experience for a young couple.
A hilarious indie adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Play as a super-hero and bring some good to what's left to the world.
A remake of the classic horror game game Alone in the dark.
A game adaptation of the famous horror novel, Keyhole.
A sociopath or a good loving man? You decide!
A mysterious entity continue to trap you in dreams in which your friends have to fight for their lives,
A new lead in this HighSchool Horror series.
Three individuals are trapped inside a cabin with no knowledge of who they are or how they got there.