Hot isometric flash game made by the guys from Tangerine Pop. The White Warlock who has covered the land in darkness and stolen the king's crown. So your obj...
Face supernatural forces, unveil the mysteries hidden in the Mental Asylum for Children and fulfill the destiny of 'La piedra de Anamara'
You've received an anonymous letter letting you know that your eccentric grandfather has disappeared without any trace. Now you find yourself standing right ...
Immersed into dark and unexplored ancient woods a group of expeditioners led by your uncle Eneko go deep in search of an old, almost forgotten legend. As San...
Challenging puzzle adventure game where you must help your crew of scientists survive 40 days on the planet Sineicos.
A Halloween party turns into a horrific murder scene and it's up to you to find who is behind all this.
A new lead in this HighSchool Horror series.
A funny dialogue-based point and click adventure html5 game to cure your boredom. Remember...The Goat Is Not A Lie!
A disturbing horror adventure game with bizarre landscapes and twisted beings. Can you beat the game and unlock all the endings?
A short story driven platformer about friendship and love. Guide our adventurer in his journey back home.
A short story-driven adventure game set up in a fantasy world filled with death and disease. Guide our adventurer in his journey helping him take the right d...
An unsettling point and click horror adventure game with a dense and nightmarish atmosphere. Explore a mysterious world surrounded by dark forces.
Play the sequel to 'disturbing point and click horror adventure game 'Being Her Darkest Friend' by Chronerion Entertainment.
Assemble a team of heroes and fight against other teams to become the Dynamons Capitan.
Play the secret of the necromancer video game and survive to tell the story. Pick your favorite character and explore a misterious world filled with puzzles ...
Hear the dark stories of a group of teenagers trying to scare the crap out of each others. The game features a great atmosphere, interesting puzzles and much...
Uncover the mystery behind the death of three little girls who allegedly committed suicide in this wonderful crima drama role playing game.
A game adaptation of the famous horror novel, Keyhole.
A clever text-based escape game where you must hide from the killer for 21 days inside a creepy hotel.
Hunt for the killers in this wonderful western shooting game along with our gunner, miss Bonnie Starr.
Help Wheely overcome the obstacles in his path to the shop! Solve different puzzles in order to clear his path.
A fun yet pretty creepy horror-themed escape game. Find your way out from the penitentiary before it's too late.
Do you posses the knowledge to survive on a island? Gather resources and use them to create useful tools and use them wisely.
Embark on an journey through various dungeons in search for the mighty monster who calls himself Adenocarcinoma. A fun yet very challenging platformer with p...
Play Aquacreep, a story driven horror game with great game-play and a lot of suspense. A shapeshifter has taken control of one of your members and it's up to...
Hear the tragic story of Chloe and her sister Emma, two girls who's parents died.
If you enjoy horror-themed visual-novel you should check the Sanities Lament game series. This is the 1st part of the game.
Play the second part of the psychological visual-novel game, Sanities Lament.