Theropods, a a survival game within the prehistoric age

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A captivating adventure game set in the prehistoric age when beasts were dominating the Earth. You were sharing stories with the shaman when you a pack of dinosaurs charged you. Fortunately you managed to escape but got separeted from the shaman and now you must find a way back to him. Explore the dangerous world and survive the countless dangers waiting for you.

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Camp: Click stick on the tree behind you. Click again to grab it. Keep kicking branch till it breaks. Use stick on nest. Exploration: Pick up Feather. Move nest of leaves, grab intestines. Behind Her: Grab rock. Kick the tree and use the rock on the honey. Give rock to the dinosaur behind you. Grab fruit(?) Use Intestines on broken tree stump and put in the newly acquired fruit(?) The Pitt: Jump o
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An old but good game.
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Good game, I just wish that it was a bit longer. They don't seem to make simple yet intriguing games likes these anymore without having to either buy or download them.
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