There is No Game, a brilliant dialogue-based adventure game
Developed by KaMiZoTo
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A brilliant dialogue-based adventure game made filled with a lot of unexpected events. The game will totally suck you in living you with no choice but to complete it.

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Once a upon a time, a player that is playing THERE IS NO GAME. He clicked the 'O' letter rapidly until it fell, made it fell for 4 times or above then a speaker button fell from the 'vent'. You will break that by making the letter 'O' fell to that speaker, then the speaker button rapidly teleports to the screen so you have to left-click that button.
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i love this game or i mean non existing game :3
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Terminei o jogo
predadorX's profile page
To Whom is not as smart as me the first time. keep clicking the o in no this is a game but not as exciting as you may think. brain cells will be lost
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Watch the walkthrough here: Search There is no game.
DestructiveMan's profile page
rate-3 i really like it, it was differnt but i got stuck so i gave up lol
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
noo!!..The goat was a lie.This game is awesome!
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I'm any winner!
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this is sad
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awsome adds! keep it up
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