The Splitting Chapter 1

The Splitting Chapter 1 is an story driven fantasy adventure game developed by Fireberry Studio
The Splitting Chapter 1 has been developed by Fireberry Studio
You woke up one morning aware that you had a really odd dream, but you cannot remember anything. Somewhat, you have lost your reflection in the mirror and soon you realize that you can use the mirrors to travel to a new world with unique rules.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

The game is fun but hard at the same time
A little time consuming but I'm excited for the next part!
fun game plus it is hard 2
Honestly I REALLY like this game and i wish i could play more of it, but it runs slow on my computer. So from what i played i really would recomend this to someone.
Okay, so can anyone tell me how to get the sock out of the dryer?
The puzzles can be confusing, but once you understand the story plot, they can be easier to figure out. You have to remember that non-splitting people/objects will react as they do in the normal world, and when a split object/person in the mirror world is not present to interact with a non-splitting object/person, it will react differently in the mirror world.
I loved the game! soooo much , the puzzles was hard but not to difficult i like it . Thanks for the fireberry studio u did good job ! ♥
it takes forever to load
rate-5 bring on part 2 wow this is really gripping
Oh, nevermind. I got it.