The Secret of Grisly Manor, a freeware game
Developed by Fire Maple Games
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You've received an anonymous letter letting you know that your eccentric grandfather has disappeared without any trace. Now you find yourself standing right at the front door of his Manor trying to find a way in.

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yah of cours itsnot scary! thats y thaey put it in the adventure section!!:) lol
VegasCourier's profile page
It loads it just takes time I just got done beating it 15 minutes ago it is a good game if you like puzzles.
ToScaryGamer21's profile page
game isnt workin................ :|
grudge's profile page
game doesn't load that suck
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It's a cool game. I liked it.
THEBIGCHILL's profile page
this game is awesome. need i say more
openrange117's profile page
Excellent adventure game, easy to medium difficulty.
Geminate's profile page
i finished the game i opened the door in the basement then i saw his grand father sitting down saying you made it! his grand father made some inventions about timetravelling it was not scary
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it maybe work for somebody and this game cool
vincent23's profile page
if you want the game to load play the game loged off
patrykroz699's profile page
Great game, I did end up having to consult the walk-through but it kept me playing, thank you for the contribution!
City0rdinance's profile page
not bad 2 play... its not scary
mysterious_angie11's profile page
Very good puzzle game, not scary just challenging.
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