The Proposal, a funny point and click
Developed by MouseCity
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Help Josh Bullock, our protagonist to find what happened with his future fiance. He was planning to propose to her to discover that she suddenly vanished. Who is behind all of this?

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This will help me if my fiance ever goes missing one day
Airythne's profile page
Haha!!! Lol this game is funny crap and good one luna
irina's profile page
The dead people's names are hilarious xD
kurotenshi's profile page
This game is fun ilove it
JAKEMAN12345's profile page
nice gamen a freaky funny llolll
25venus's profile page
Wow funny creative game (:
Aesthetic's profile page
LOL, hilarious!
jeninax's profile page
Love it and Rofl @ Lunacy
melissaann123's profile page
lol this game was so funny and nice one luna this is a really cool game and i like playing this game when i bored lol
babbigurl55555's profile page
that game superb..i wish everyone finish it :)
Avish7243's profile page
Yeah!soo COOL!! xDD...FUNNY GAME...!!
WATTismyname's profile page
i love this game it is a very good game
babbigurl55555's profile page
this is a cool game
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Sweet game...
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