The Journey Home, a text based platformer about friendship and love
Developed by Raius
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After years of exploring the world you decide it's time to head back home. On your way home you encounter a few characters that will help you learn more about yourself. A short but fun story-driven adventure game about friendship and love.

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This is a very heartwarming game. I am really happy I found it and played it through. In the end I managed to save Jinora and all those attacking and dodging bits make it seem like I actually DID something to save her. I loved this game. I will recommend it to others too. Keep sharing your stories with us, you are awesome.
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I'm having an issue getting on the top platform where you collect the herbs. :(((
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how To JUMP???
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This was an interesting adventure rpg style game that has a different story about it. I recommend this game to anyone who likes these types of games and want to be able to make the choices.
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there were much awesome games on here. they deleted all of them and why idk
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rate-1 found it booring
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