Snowdrift is an horror survival flash game developed by Placeable
Snowdrift has been developed by Placeable
Play the role of Sam, a lone survivor in the harsh winterlands. The goal of the game is to simply survive. During nighttime, the darkness will consume Sam if he stays in it for too long. Press Z to start the game!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

When you die the zombie jump scare almost made me crap me pants lol
A very well done game revolving around an idea that a few gamers have been waiting for. There's something that I feel this is lacking though. Perhaps the ability for growth? Such as having skills and what not that you teach yourself as to build things, like a firewood storage or maybe even expand your bag. With the growth of the character and your home, you become much more willing to defend your
no matter what i do, it kills me. i chopped wood, hunted, harvested berries, drank from a tiny pond, filled my bottle, cooked, ate, threw wood on the fire, chopped wood again and went to bed all in one day. then i get a knock at my door in the middle of the night, i wake up with no bars, and i go outside. nobody is there. i look around, nobody is there. i start heading back inside to go back
did anyone notice that the smile is from the creepypasta smiledog
A brilliant idea for a game :D But the whole needing water thing is pretty stupid since you are surrounded by snow and can easily melt the ice and drink it
I love this game its a mix of rpg and horror
this game is pretty creepy,like the way the ltttle girl comes out of nowhere. :)
*leaves computer goes to shower... cries softly*
omergerd i dont under stand
This game is not really "Hard" so much as it is poorly done. You have no idea that to start the game you need to press 'z.' After that, there is a badly worded intro, describing that a malevolent darkness is taking over the world, and you, old man named Sam, are trying to survive. You must forage for food, water, and wood, to stay alive and drive out the darkness. A great premise for a game, hone
rate-2 couldnt even go on new game nothing would work....
rate-2 what even was that
it wont let me play the game lol