Shapik, a puzzle point and click adventure flash game recommended for kids
Developed by Pavel Podberezko & Grin Danilov
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Shapik's sister has been kidnapped by a mysterious creature and now it's up to you to track down the villain. Use your mouse to interact with the environment and find ways to solve different puzzles.

user reviews & player tips

its a really cute game........i enjoyed the puzzles......rate this as good if u even liked it
vexa's profile page
Good game if you enjoy puzzles. I do.
Shawman's profile page
wen all else fails seach the walkthrough on youtube XD
iridian's profile page
did anyone see the ending
Kryton's profile page
AAAAAAAAAAW *w* cute cute lovers....or father and sons...or giant and hobbit...i don't now,bbut..nice v.v
stupidofungo's profile page
im 4th very cute game...and i like it
mysterious_angie11's profile page
not bad game at all cool to play i beat it.
ronc's profile page
not bad. I love the graphics and the background music.
EmotionalDisaster's profile page
The music along with the ambiance got me super sleepy lol but it's a cute game - wasn't too hard to beat either.
Ch0c0Kitty's profile page
This was really fun
Ayami's profile page
This game is so amazing! I love it
jojoloving1's profile page
i like it. cute and all that, but got stuck at the big machine with numbers did solve the number things but then 4 sticks turned up.. gah.. got stuck there lol
Tuvstarr77's profile page
its really a beautiful game, great puzzles and cute characters. loving it. rate this as good if you agree.
BroChaCho18's profile page
aww so cute omg that is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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