Searching for the Elephant, a cute point and click adventure game with nice atmosphere and great puzzles and mini-games
Developed by Marvelmate, Astep, Bidyob, Vhava & Nexter
game rating
Help the cute bear in his quest of finding his best friend, mr Elephant. Solve different puzzles and mini-games, helping numerous characters that will help you in your quest.

user reviews & player tips

1. Open the closet and take out the screw thing and put it in the door lock. 2.Turn the fan on and off until a part falls off and then put it onto the lock. 3. Go up the ladder and click the thing blowing out air two times. 4. Brush away the leaves and take the stick and hit the bee hive. 5. Go up the ladder. 6. Put leaves near the squirrel's feet, and then take a nut shell and collect water to po
AtomicBomb's profile page
it's really awesome i love it :)
Princess0Nour's profile page
So cute! Was searching for his friend and by the way saved the world :D
Snike's profile page
This game was lovely. The graphics gave it a "Limbo" feel, and the music was truly amazing. :)
TweedleDee's profile page
good game :) Lol Its Funny help your friends to escape
Q8monsterKuT's profile page
That was cute. ^__^ and the puzzles made my brain work. Nice game.
PhantomOfTheHummus's profile page
This game is awesome and really cute! :)
rems151's profile page
My 5 stars fun game ;)
RedfieldChris's profile page
Anybody know what the music in the beginning is called?It's beautiful to me. :)
Nikkiu's profile page
This was an adorable game! Absolutely loved it!
BritneeSilence's profile page
the art style is cool. i like it, and puzzles
zebi's profile page
The game won't load for me!
scarletgirl123's profile page
This game just keeps on loading and it still says 50%...
CupcakeMassacre's profile page
really awesome!
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