Riddle Transfer Chapter 1, a freeware game
Developed by JonBro
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This is the first of a five-part series. Phil and his friends, who had been trapped in a space station and befriended an alien named Diz, are set off-course on their trip back to Earth into the hands of many unfamiliar faces.

user reviews & player tips

cant get phred out
josh_26's profile page
what is code to get out first scene
willywonka639's profile page
can't get diz out :o i am stuck at the contraption !!
akshay_mo's profile page
add mi pliz :P
akshay_mo's profile page
I'm stuck at the part with Diz in that thing-a-ma-jiggy. :(
ex member account
Very good except for the unfair snoz clue that took too long to figure out, but is solvable.
Geminate's profile page
guys the first room is so easy.just click on the tv.
riddlegirl009's profile page
i wonder what is the password :/ oooo facebook time goootaa goo
Jazzlynne's profile page
I like This music
Jessthehiddlestoner's profile page
How to get past the elevator?!
ReaperTime's profile page
if you look at the bouncy line screen on floor B1 in area 5.1 it spells the word UGLY
johnnieguilbert036's profile page
I really enjoyed this game. I love the character development of the creatures and their stories. It makes me able to relate to them. I also like the humor that Phil has despite the situation he is in. It's like me; trying to make light of serious situations, haha. The puzzles were very challenging but easy enough for me to get pass and entertain :D The math puzzle for Zack was fun, I did the math
RandomZ5's profile page
loved- never gets old <3
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
Look in the toliet lid. Grab the thing. To escape room Look at the tv And enter the numbers you see. Go into the corridor outisde your room. Grab the odd device. You must drag it to any creatures to talk to them. Go to elevator put key in and go to floor 3. Go to room on the far right. Ask phil about the password for his numberpad (which isn't there). It's Snoz. Go to floor 1 and go to smiley's ro
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