Papa Louie When Pizza Atack

Papa Louie When Pizza Atack, a freeware game developed by Flipline Studios
Papa Louie When Pizza Atack has been developed by Flipline Studios

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Game Reviews & Player Tips

this game is actually fun. it's like mario. you play as an Italian. Only this time you get pizza c: 5/5
the pizza's look like duck's with lips, haha!
well it definately wasn't the best game ever...but it was ok
I love Papalouie games <3
I like this game since i played Papa's Freezria i found more papa hahaha
OMG that game took forever to complete! I submitted my highscore and everything and played this game just to get more points and that didn't happen...
haha this is Glamorous Funny game luv it ;) BTW am new to this website :D
Whoooo this game never ends -_- but anyways Gud _Josiah
yahooooooooooo i completed the game i killed the final onion monster :P yee haww
wwoooow this game is just too awesome...!! like it
this is a pretty good games!!!
This game is fun.. you should try it :D
am on 4th floor an cant finish wth! :P
Nice Game completed 5/5