Panda's BIG Adventure, a freeware game
Developed by Robert Donkin, RobotJam
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On a secret mission Panda discovers a time traveling 'portaloo' machine and decides to go for a ride but things go horribly wrong as parts of the machine are scattered across time. Travel back as far as the Prehistoric ages to help Panda return home safely.
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Sweet, got all 9 critters
ex member account
this game has bugs
nightsblood's profile page
Got all 9 Critters. Is it Just me, or did the Panda tell me to Keep My Hands off? -.- He is so Fluffeh.
Airythne's profile page
Finally! all critters :D
Killjoy's profile page
I LUV PANDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andycat's profile page
i finished the game!!!!
Andycat's profile page
AH! the mysterious creatures that once ensconced in the shadows have been exposed. in other words, i found all the critters.
scarecrow's profile page
Watch out this PANDA knows KUNG-FU
Markbuster's profile page
The panda is soo cute! I got all nine critters to not just u guys x)
NinjaGirl's profile page
omg i just realized its the TARDIS
lyraheartstrings's profile page
Interesting game. The time traveling panda. Nice.
scarecrow's profile page
No matter how hard i try i cant get all the critters!
Toxicbrains's profile page
And the Lord came unto the cheery Panda and spake, saying, "Although thou art a peaceful critter, thou shalt defend yourself furiously when attacked and rippe the limbs from thine enemies and make them wish they had never been born..." (Panda 15:10)
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I liked number 2 better than this one. Still liked it though. I friggin love that panda. Even with his attitude. :3
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