Memento is an old school point and click puzzle adventure developed by Sebastien Benard
Memento has been developed by Sebastien Benard
Day 4380 of your prison term. 12 years. And many more to come. But something strange is happening today... A mysterious puzzle seems to unfold in your cell.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Doesn't seams to work on Mozilla...anyways...the game is pretty damn good..I enjoyed the story and the puzzles were also challenging.
i like the story
the game is cool.........!!!
The puzzles are tricky, but the game is alright. And yes, it is actually more of a puzzle game, it ain't really an adventure game. Anyways, It's fun. Its like.. Awesome. =)
Not running on Google chrome? Haz 2 be kiddin...
Doesn't run on Google Chrome, needs to be fixed.
Really good! The sorrow, the beauty, the downard spiral!
Quite a short game ..not an adventure but more on puzzle game :D ADD ME!
where is this game works?
this game is fvcking cool
this game looks sooooooo awesome... but it wont run for google chrome
:'( Poor guy..
Loved every moment of this game, loved the story line, the character and also the way the game was formatted which was perfect :)
i guess it was okay