Introspect, a story rich adventure game
Developed by Rachel White, Matt Thomas, Danielle Wallace, Marykay Anhalt & Kimia Zadegan
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A surreal adventure game about a man confronting his personal demons. Fallow your heart and watch how your actions can change a man's destiny.

user reviews & player tips

Interesting, a little harsh introspection.
Geminate's profile page
that squirrel is really ungrateful.
0123's profile page
welp I never played it but it worth a shot
RAYEANNEjOHNSTON's profile page
you come home one day to find a letter on your doorstep. Inside is a single, accusatory note: ''This game should named as 'walking simulator'.''
Eschorg's profile page
it didn't let me move away from the door or am I just retarded.
skithegirl's profile page
Worth a try. Good game.
Lightningdyn's profile page
When the screen go´s black is that the end?
Slenderman0w0's profile page
Artwork is pretty, message is meaningful; but perhaps slow revelations over a much more extended game would have told more a complete story.
Zemikian's profile page