Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade is an a classic retro adventure game with Indiana Jones and a lot of great puzzles developed by Tiertex
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade has been developed by Tiertex
After reclaiming the Cross of Coronado, Indiana Jones returns to the collage to talk with an old friend but soon he is approached by a notorious businessman, Walter Donovan who tells him about the Holy Grail and the disappearance of John's father. With a broken heart, Jones decides to embark in a new journey through the catacombs in Venice.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

None of these DOSBox browser emulated games appears to work correctly in any browser. You get only half screen, garbled sound or nothing at all shows up depending on which browser you use.
disliked- half a screen again and dont know the controls