Aurora Chapter 1

Aurora Chapter 1 is an Creepy point and click western game developed by PastelGames
Aurora Chapter 1 has been developed by PastelGames
Take a journey into the old west and try to discover the mystery of Aurora.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

I almost gave up /: so proud of myself for finishing this. It was an amazing/challenging game! Can't wait to do it again, time to beat the second one/ (message me if you need/want any tips or clues as to what to do.
finnaly another chalenging game by pastel
i love this game it has part 2 both r fantastic
I love this series! Going to look for more by the same people.
This is one of the few golden games I have found. It has it's hanging points, and the occasional bug. It's also very short, and smacks you in the face pretty hard at times. But for what it is - a mystery-adventure western set in the creepy desolate town of Red Hill - I adore this game. Well worth the playthrough, whether you like this style of game or not.
looks good but it hangs
the cover looks boring, but the game is awesome~ add me yah!
I can't play this game, does not load?