Armed With Wings Culmination, a freeware game
Developed by Sun Studios
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Do you have the skill to take down the evil Vandheer Lorde?

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This is familier to Red moon! :o
Xzerodoll's profile page
This game is just awesome nearly got every achievement
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and its a 10/9
antony264's profile page
nahhhhhhhhhhhh,,,!!!! red moon is similar to armed with wings.....!!!!!! don't comparere this with red moon
evilsaviour's profile page
That was unexpected,but stil, the combat and the skills were good. Hope there is a continuation to this awesome work
patrickster_19's profile page
That's what I thought XZERODOLL!!! It looks exactly like it!!!
KeybladeBearer36's profile page
ad me |||||||||||||||||||||||||
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This game is absolutely perfect!
JoeyQTR's profile page
The BlackFlame desires games like this and has played other armed with wings too. game play,powers, combos are nice. just the way the would badges in this game make the flame flicker.
BlackFlame3178's profile page
one of the best games ever
Bloodystrawberry's profile page
Very awesome game alot easier than Red Moon
Nichick390's profile page
disliked- music is so calm
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
i wish this game had badges to. its so awesome
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