A Rabbit Fable

A Rabbit Fable is an creepy adventure point and click developed by AntennariaGames
A Rabbit Fable has been developed by AntennariaGames
A rabbit wants to live in the land he had always dreamed of, but being rejected he finds himself in a disturbing swamp inhabited by bizarre creatures. Click to move around, collect items, or interact with other characters and objects. Help our Rabbit to find a place of it's own.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Abstract, yet so beautiful. What a wonderful game.
i think its beautiful,and the game its very cool
i love the art style so abstact
I love this game, wonderful art style and nice story.
Fantastic game, love the ending. Music was perrrrrfect.
ok it loads.. i press play.. it is gray.. yaaay.. not cool sorry for the bad rhyme.. -.- but oh well what the heck not many games work on explorer kind of disapointing... yepp. CBA next game!
does not wanna load:I
outstanding. bad ending do .
looks like what might happen if you had a bad trip
Loved it. It was a cute game. Very fun and creative.
That it is one ugly rabbit. js.
rate 1 dont like the mouse dragging
dafuq did i just play???? o.O