Super Fighters, a freeware game
Developed by MythoLogic Interactive
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Fight against other super fighters in this cool retro action game which comes with some nice physics. Use ARROW keys to navigate, SPACE to accept and 'm' and 'n' keys to shoot and for melee attack.

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every time i keep hiting ppl i say "get some get some!"
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but the game is alright
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its a nice game
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games awesome but really really hard damn
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Freaken sick and awesome but the fist fight speed is a bit slow
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this is fun lol
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one time i tried to play with ma bro, i shot him with an RPG, and he got hit......and he came at me and i exploded with him. XD
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good game but needs some improvements but it's grate already plz create some new characters and some new stages and new boss
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KISS MY BUTT......................=D
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Game is fun and im in 4th woo
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these graphic aree so crap
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