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Whats this thing you call normal????Is it contagious!?!?OMG!!!dont touch me!i might catch your NORMAL!!!! O YEA FWI THERES SOMEONE NAMED DEATH092 HE SAYS WERE DATIN....WERE NOT!!!!hes a little stalkin lying freak who thinks he know me but he doesnt and i didnt force him to rite that stuff on hes profile >:( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WARNING! SOME OF THESE THINGS MAY GET U GROUNDED THAT HAPPEND TO ONE GUY SO BE CARE!FUL! 24 WAYS TO ANNOY UR PARENTS!! : 1.follow them around the house everywhere. 2. Moo when they say your name. 3. Pretend to have amnesia. 4. Say everything backwards. 5. Run into walls. 6. Say that wearing clothes is against your religion. 7. Go into their room at 4 in the morning and say "Good Morning Sunshine!. 8. Snort loudly when you laug


i dont know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Video Games

ummmmmmm i dont know

Favorite Music

MICHAEL JACKSON,taylor swift,carrie underwood, lady gaga,jonas brothers,jason mraz, and lots more i cant think of!boys like girls,gorillaz,PHAMOUS!

Favorite Movies

avater,the mist,

Fav. Tv Shows

disney channel,animal planet,nick at nite,tlc

Favorite Books

the bible,maximum ride!!

Favorite Quote

thers always a little truth behind "just kidding" A little knowledge behind every "I dont know" A little emotion behind every "I dont care" And a little pain behind every "its ok"

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