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14 / male / VAGINA

I'm ***, all the way I like it up my ***, ask me to *** a *** I'll p***. I want to be with a guy. but I know i'll never get *** cuz I lie


dodgeball and trollin like an employee.

Favorite Video Games

i like running with the wii remote ;)

Favorite Music

p***ion pit and, well, ***, i have others, i just forgot the other...oh! right! paramour! and *** :)

Favorite Movies

*** <3

Fav. Tv Shows

family guy; castle;walking dead. and ***

Favorite Books

percy jackson;ranger's apprentice; alice in zombie land. and jack'sperfect***lessons its a real book ;)

Favorite Quote

do not spend your time pondering the past. spend your time preparing for the future. -I stole that!

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