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13 / female / San Marcos ,Texas

is is really emochic im a poet and i love poetry with all my heart. please read my quotes and let me know what you think :) thx


anime, manga,reading,writing poetry,drawing and doing my art

Favorite Video Games

blood and gore

Favorite Music

black veil brides,asking alexandria,falling in reverse,panic! at the disco,breaking benjamin,threedaysgrace,paramore,flyleaf,fit for rivals,icon for hire,never shout never,bring me the horizon,alesana,and any screamo band or rock band

Favorite Movies

all the saw movies,silent house

Fav. Tv Shows

anime,invader zim ect.

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

is it over yet? tell me when. so i'll sacrifice myself and love no one else. i'll tell the truth no lies to keep you satisfied. I know nothing of your kind. The more i follow the more i'm left behind. is it over yet? tell me when. Don't you see me cry ill turn away and hide. I see through your allibis. its over now no one wins.......

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