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15 / male / United States of America (Ohio)

Hopeless romantic Sums me up :) I'm from Ohio...yeah Ohio:( I love the Devil's Carnival, I'm a music entusiast, and I love horror!! I plan on majoring in behavioral psychology, or forensics. Wantto know more? Just ask :)


Romance, the living, lifting, fencing, my crow farm.

Favorite Video Games

Soul Calibur, Skyrim, Halo, Pokemon^_^, dishonored,

Favorite Music

Panic! at The Disco, Green Day, Gorillaz, Beatles, Linkinpark, Decemberists, Awolnation, Owl City, Secondhand Serenade, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alien Ant Farm, Chameleon Circuit

Favorite Movies

Edward Scissorhands, Donnie Darko, Repo! the Genetic Opera, Evil Dead, The Fog, Battle Royale, The Fly, The Devil's Carnival, The Stuff, BridesMaids, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, SuperBad, Pineapple Express, FanBoys, etc...

Fav. Tv Shows

Tosh.O, Black Butler, Bleach, Chappelle's Show, South Park, Futurama, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, The Office

Favorite Books


Favorite Quote

Reckless creatures Always want another find Stealing features Each a diamond to be mined. There are facets to stake And cricks in our necks We're like moths to the flame. Get ready and set Now tarry no longer Let's burn one another We're one and we're twain. Now let's play a game ***o, ***o, ***o Beautiful stranger. How familiar the danger Slipping into the shadows. T'is true

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