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Hey! I'm Delaney, or Misty Waterflower, now Misty_Watflower (or something. I f-ed up.) My current life is only some thing I tell to my true friends. I've been on here for a few months. I've made friends, enemies, and helped people. But, no matter how much I try, I can't help people in need enough. I love you all. I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone.. I wish life had a redo ***on. I do not wish to say my Relationship status, as those who are my acquaintances.. already know. I just realized how long this might be. I'm a person too. I break easily. I worry too much. Not all Americans a re fat, ya know. I weigh 91 pounds,8 ounces. If THAT is fat, then you are most likely a perfectionist. My weight aside.... My heart goes out to those who serve for our country. They risk their LIVES for US, and so

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Misty_Watflower Oct 07 @ 1:36 AM Haro less po***r account of mine. DelaneyTheNightmare Oct 07 @ 1:35 AM Ha. Haha. Hi me. My back hurts. Get those x-rays already. *** scoliosis. ._. - Myself... to myself

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