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20 / female / Greece

Hey everybody! I'm Penny, a twenty year old girl with a love for anything game,fitness and fun related! There's not much to me, I want to be a hospital CEO (in like 20 years lel) ,I have a knack for languages.I also lift (I'm still a DYEL), distance run and kickbox. If you'd like to talk, feel free to PM me!


Kickboxing, running, my computer, lifting, partying, vidya

Favorite Video Games

Life Is Strange (Jefferson's my trashBAE, Skyrim, HOGs, Until Dawn ( Josh is love, Josh is life) and The Long Dark

Favorite Music

Todrick Hall,ANYTHING ON XKITO,THE NBHD, Rising Appalachia, Imagine Dragons, Chet Faker, Les Friction, The Hustle Bustle

Favorite Movies

Sunecdoche,New York. The last madoka one I don't remember the name

Fav. Tv Shows

GAME OF THRONES, the office, CSI , Hannibal

Favorite Books

ASOIAF, The Left Hand of God, LOTR.

Favorite Quote

-The only thing standing in the way of your success is your behavior.-Some fitspo site idk-You god*** hipster stop bringing me to these coffee shops! - My cousin, to me.

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