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I REALLY like aliens and I also REALLY like to draw and write "soon to be bestseller" teen novelizations. im also kind of how do you put it, into creepy, horrror stuff and bloody things and i really like anime shows but i guess im also sorta nuts cuz everybody thinks im wierd and scary and im proud of that LOL but im like watever cuz it dosen't matter wat everybody else thinks of me as long as i feel good about myself too and whenever i get mad i punch things and injure people i dont like so i guess i am crazy but evry one is different and wierd in their own unique and cool way :) its wierd though cause i have theese unexplained-mood-swings and frequent dei-ja-vou moments even when i KNOW that im doing things for the first time. ive also got ADHD an Aspergers syndrome so i see things differently than most people do.

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