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18 / male / OHIO T.T

NOTHING can scare me. I'm 17 (18 in November) and single (i'm a guy & straight. Sorry fellas.). I can be the best friend you ever have or your worst nightmare. Anyway, i can help you out with a few of the scary games on here. So if you need help just hit me up. 513-257-3911 If you call i won't answer. only text. Im never on here anymore so look me up on facebook. Trey Reese


Only friends can know that

Favorite Video Games

Horror, Action

Favorite Music

Donnie Darko

Favorite Movies

Stay Alive

Fav. Tv Shows

Family guy

Favorite Books

Left Behind series

Favorite Quote

Life is the *** you have to live, and the test that you have to p*** to make it worth living. And yet we're dying to live, but are we only living to fight and die? Life is a war and a game at the same time and the only way to win is to survive until the end.

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