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Hiiiii I'm Hana :) I'm like a Drug..People get Addicted to me ;) Ima Rapper,Beatboxer,i do Boxing,go to the Gym,Basketball,Hang out With Friends,Chill with my Brothers :D I Love All of My Mates on Here - Sam Is My Best Buddeh, He's always there for me,he's a funneh fella,he's caring and a Bada$$....He always makes me smile..:) He's *** Cute :3 He's an awesomeee Lad aswell :P <3 Matt my Bestie :) Lunacy my Bootybouncer and Stripping Buddeh Whoop Whoop :) <3 Lisa my avacado ***n00b and quality street buddeh..OH MY GAWSH I ADORE HER VOICE <3 :P Aries my Caring and loveable brother :) Kimicupcake is My Awesome wonderful sister <3 jJinstix is my Chilleh Buddehh Bruhh :) Bettina my lovely sis <3 Sono contento di aver incontrato un amico come te :3 demonboy my demononon i hate you Edii Le t

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