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I am Isaac, also known as Kaito, uhhmm I love Rock and I am a *** gamer ( PS3 Name: Isaac Quinn, Steam : IsaacCrafted13 ) x, y and z, I am a fan of Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, etc. I love to prank call and prank others, as well as joking about and laughing so don't get ***ed if I get you : I've made a shit ton of friends over the years, and it's pretty much the reason I'm here, for them. Some of them are Mattbxc, Finebro14, TheNamesVanity, StarlightJade, Jeremy Perez, and many more. If I didn't mention ya, whoops. They're the bestest people in the entire world. They've made this list because they've been there, with me through a ton. Especially Matty and Starlight. Ever since '11. But, I love ya all guys!

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