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14 / female / united states

***o my name is ashley. i like video games that are mostly rpg and action type. i like shooting and horror things. batman is my favorite super hero and the joker is my favorite villian. during my free time i like listening to music or watching tv. if you want to know more hmu and add me :) deuces!


music. video games. drums. guitar. books.

Favorite Video Games

cod black ops. halo reach. fear. batman arkham asylum

Favorite Music

bring me the horizon. skillet. black veil brides. metallica. lil wayne. eminem. young money. nick minaj. drake. asking alexandria.

Favorite Movies

it. children of the corn. madea goes to jail. star wars. lord of the rings. the messanger.

Fav. Tv Shows

criminal minds. buffy the vampire slayer. regular show. adventure time. south park. family guy.

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