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to those of you who i hurt, im sorry. i never meant for it to end like this i just wanted things differently then you did. i just dont know how to apologize anymore seems like it doesnt work. so im not sure how to show you no more, but what i do know is that no matter how far a fight goes, i will always remember how it started. wish i could just say sorry one last time to you and see if it will work but i have me high doubts about it becoming true.


singing drawing dancing :D

Favorite Video Games

left 4 dead 2, cars,MW3,Halo 4,and others :D

Favorite Music

blood on the dance floor :D

Favorite Movies

Saw Series and.......Sweeny Todd :D

Fav. Tv Shows

1000 Ways To Die,Zombie Appocolypse :D

Favorite Books

the musical instruments series :D

Favorite Quote

What an insane night. If people try to use you please stand up for yourself. Never let cold hearted ***es bring you down. Rise above shit!-Dahvie Vanity

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