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17 / male / america

Hi im sam and by my username you know what i do XD. Well im a pretty laid back guy i dont judge on ideals or anything and best of all im super awesome and nice I like to get to know every one and if you wanna be friends chat me up! Oh and what if i told you most metal heads were nice would you trust me on it. and yeah, Jeremy_perez likes the and around his mouth lolol talk son


Well i play guitar and piano and thats my favorite thing to do

Favorite Video Games

Legend of zelda, final fantasy, the world ends with you, silent hill, amnesia, battle toads, all metal gear solids, megaman, megaman x and megaman zero, not cod or any FPS, left for dead 2, skys of archadia, final fantasy tactics, tactis ogre, all super s

Favorite Music

MY FAVORITE BAND IS DEATH!!! OMGSGHAS!!! Decapitated, korn, peiphery, all shall perish, pink floyd, nirvana, Darkest hour, conducting from the grave, as blood runs black, kataklysm, Square enix's composers, protest the hero, the eagles, and last but not l

Favorite Movies

All the new batmans, Road to perdition, Dead space and silent hill movies, The dictator, step brothers, clannad the movie, Wanted, ninja ***asin The avengers, All the spidermans, And im hoping the new deadpool movie!

Fav. Tv Shows

Weeds, Adventure time, breaking bad, spartacus, the walking dead, regular show, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, c***hern sins, samurai champlo, afro samurai, if OVA's count then genocyber, devilman, violence jack, fist of the north star, when they cry, gurren lagan, DBZ and DGT, Ryruni kenshin, eureka 7, samurai 7, neon genesis evangelion, south park, and of course mad men

Favorite Books

Children of the matrix, ghosts and aliens

Favorite Quote

It's not how hard life hits you, but how hard you can take it

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