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15 / female / USA

I love to meet new people, and chill with ma homeboys . I am a girl By the way! I am REAL PART ANIMAL ;D . Im a girl girlfriend im really pretty with a nice *** ;) and a nice body ! i am a really good friend once you get to know me but if ur a *** the first time we meet , OH Shit there's no going back! ;) So, yeahh. 1 More thing I Love to play games on X BOX OR PLAYSTATION or even Wii ! or PSP gameboy or any thing just HMU ;) , I GOT X Box Live !


Animals, and Boys/ Guys ;)

Favorite Video Games

Left 4 dead 1, left 4 dead 2 , black ops, any x box games and any playstation games .

Favorite Music


Favorite Movies

Scary movie 1 xP and The Ring !

Fav. Tv Shows

Family Guy

Favorite Books

Dont read much,

Favorite Quote

*** please ;)

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